• We offer comprehensive tailor made storage solutions so that our premises can be adapted to cater for the needs and requirements of each client. This flexibility allows us to store any type of equipment offering maximum security. Our installations are in compliance with current security requirements and are equipped with the necessary devices to ensure safe handling and protection during storage.
  • Your needs and expectations are individually analyzed so as to advise you on how to optimize storage costs, offering 24 hour availability.
  • We offer specific packaging to allow the safe storage of your goods, bringing solutions to any problem that may arise from damaged packaging, offering internal and external repackaging services.
  • We provide inventory management services, labeling and identification, stock rotation.
  • We provide pick and pack services preparing goods for final consumers and if necessary we coordinate the forwarding of existing stock return.
  • We offer customized solutions regarding storage space and means.
  • Load control, unloading and allocations.
  • Truck mounted forklift: Used to lift very heavy material without any damage to the goods.